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Silver Queen's Beasts Falcon Coin 2019 - 2oz Highly collectible! Coin comes in a quality capsule.
In-Stock 11 Units
Prices from: RM 195.32
Silver South African Krugerrand 2018 Coin - 1oz This is a First in South Africa’s 51-year history!
In-Stock 50 Units
Prices from: RM 89.51
Silver Royal Mint Two Dragons 2018 - 1oz Arrives in an individual capsule. Limited Mintage.
In-Stock 9 Units
Prices from: RM 134.93
Gold Coin Canadian Maple Leaf 2018 - 1 oz Available for bullion storage : Contact us for more information
In-Stock 2 Units
Prices from: RM 5,339.90

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"...Every time it is very nice doing business with Silver Bullion. The service is fast and accurate. I had some difficulties transferring the funds initially, but Mr William was very helpful and flexible. Picking up the products is very interesting, as the people in the office are very friendly and are good for a ton of valuable information. Highly recommended."

Nico, April 2017

Following is my feedback on my first purchase/transaction with Silver Bullion Malaysia.

I have been a customer of one of your competitors for 4 years now and I have always bought from them  until recently when I found Silver Bullion in PJ. It's only after talking to Silver Bullion that I started to feel better buying gold from Silver Bullion for the below reason's.

1. First and foremost, Silver Bullion's spread is lesser than the place I usual use to buy from. Hence I'm paying lesser than what I use to pay previous. Hence Silver Bullion's price online would be the cheapest in Malaysia.

2. Payment and collection by them is prompt. You pay Silver Bullion and you can pick up your purchase the same day, less hectic and less fuss.

3. Last but the most important attribute of any business - Customer Centric attitude. Silver Bullion Sales Manager Emerson is very customer focused. You call/FB/whatsapp him he will instantaneously reply you and are more than willing to accommodate customer's request and are very flexible.

In comparison to the place I usually buy from which are not totally not customer centric and rather unfriendly towards their customers unlike Silver Bullion, where  the sales manager tries to establish a contact on a personal basis. Thank you Emerson for the wonderful attitude you hold towards your customers.

Good luck SB

Syed Muzeeb

Syed Muzeeb, October 2017