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How to Purchase Silver Now and Get 60% More Gold Later

Here is what you need to know about the Swiss giant, Argor- Heraeus

First and foremost, thank you Emerson for the invitation to share my 1st hand experience.

One day my friend, my financial advisor, Mr Lee Boon Law, told me that it is good to invest in metal, he said buy gold and buy silver.. me being inexperience in this field always find that there is always something to learn from this financial advisor. I have learned other investment before but not in this area.

So I had asked where to buy he said there are a few places and he said some where in Kelana Jaya there is one and we can explore that one first. After a telephone call for verification we went up to 5th level. The person greeted us at the door was Mr Emerson. We like the professionalism and hospitality and friendliness. We had asked questions that finally we decided to open my account with Silver Bullion.. and we start buying our silver and gold... We have collected the physical products, our first investment and Mr Emerson has further gave us education of how to look at the authenticity of the metal.. interesting. It has been fun education for me. I look forward to more investment in the future. Thank you Emerson! 

Joan Lim




Joan Lim, March 2018

Professional and quick deal. Highly recommended for everyone!

Chai Zhong Han, February 2018