Schedule of Charges

Cost of Storage
Storage rate per silver ounce per year 0.2774 SGD
Storage rate per gold or platinum ounce per year 9.8550 SGD

Charges are fixed by weight regardless of metal value and start on the Invoice Date / Transfer Receipt Date. You will not be charged until the order for the bullion is completed. Upon sellback or delivery of bullion any unused or overdue storage months will be refunded or deducted on a daily pro-rated basis.

Parcel withdrawal charge (on a per parcel basis) 25 SGD
Request parcel delivery to Malaysia (on a per parcel basis)* *25 SGD
The Safe House parcel redemption to Malaysia (on a per parcel basis)** **50 SGD (25+25)

*for purchases/transactions concluded through Silver Bullion Malaysia only.

**for self-collection at SBM, Johor Bahru or Kelana Jaya office.
for delivery or postage to a Malaysian address, normal forwarding or postage rates applies.
parcel redemption cost to Malaysia can be paid in Malaysian Ringgit.

Bullion Purity ECM check (on a per item basis)* *RM5.00

*minimum RM5.00 per session.

Late Payment & Cancellation
Late payment penalty (as a percentage of the amount due)* *1.00%
Order cancellation charge (on a per order basis) RM45.00
Market loss charge on order cancellation (on a per order basis)** **Spot price difference

*subject to a minimum of RM1.00/1.00 USD/1.00 SGD and chargeable at payment due date and for every 15 days thereafter.

**Upon cancellation, if initiated by you, of a bullion order you shall be responsible for payments of any spot price difference, which shall be the difference of the price at which we sold to you or bought from you and the prevailing market price or prices at the time of the cancellation. This is calculated based on the spot price difference between order date and order cancellation confirmation, multiplied by the total ounces ordered. Any market gain by us on cancellations initiated by you shall not be refunded and shall remain our property.