Testimonials from our satisfied customers

Here are testimonials from our satisfied customers from 2009 until now. We publish these from external review pages on Facebook, and some are e-mailed to us directly from our customers. Thank you everyone for your support and business. We appreciate it!

Note: If you wish to write a testimonial yet still remain anonymous, let us know in advance and we will not publish your names.

  • You can never go wrong with buying from Silver Bullion. Items are reasonably priced, and authenticity guaranteed. Purchasing process is easy and hassle-free, from order placement until the item arrives in your hands. I have purchased numerous times from SB, and it has been a great experience. Shout out to Mr. Bryan Teh as well for being very helpful always answering my various inquiries from time to time.

    Andrew Chia, November 2020
  • Job well done. 

    Also Mr. Terence highlighted a few issues which was very helpful.

    Once again thanks.


    Mr Tay, January 2019
  • Hi to all Staffs of Silver Bullion Malaysia,

    You guys know your business and definitely walk your talk! All i see are Business Owners of the company that have a passion for their trade and are not employees!

    • Excellent product knowledge
    • Up to date knowledge on Market Awareness and Activities
    • Attention and time to on all matters of subjects
    • Casual yet professional
    • And of course, competitive pricing among peers.

    Thumbs Up! 

    Brian Yap, September 2018
  • First time purchase a silver coin. Ordered item delivered promptly, item nicely packed. Good sales service. Will support the store again. 

    Siew Fatt Hoong, August 2018
  • Recently bought for the first time 4 maple leaf gold coins in april. The coins were delivered on time and in mint condition. Quite satisfied with the service. Will not hesitate to buy more products in the future. Thank you

    Noor Zaila Wahab, August 2018
  • I have the very pleasant experience of being served by En. Radzik. En. Radzik is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I have the full confidence to recommend En. Radzik to anyone seeking to do business with the "Silver Bullion" company in PJ.


    Yee Kian Teoh, May 2018
  • Overall experience with Silver Bullion has been good. Products arrive in good condition. Good packaging btw. Nothing fancy but the way the metals are packaged ensures they arrive safe at the customer's side. Good customer support as well, and the big boss also replies to emails :) 

    Alfian Abdul Halin, May 2018
  • Best pricing with the fastest response and fastest shipping time I ever encountered.

    Yin Kiet Yeo, April 2018
  • Your company system setup really gives me continuous confidence towards investment in physical precious metal especially the secure mail notifications which I don't think is available in your competitors' system. Besides this, your online platform and design page give us clear information for buyer to know the market price in real time and good pricing comparison. You will get continuous patronage from me.

    Cykoay, March 2018
  • Pernah berurusan dgn Tuan Radzik di pj mcm² yg dikongsi utk saye yg masih newbie 

    Ammar Ibn Sadakah, March 2018
  • Silver Bullion is my first choice for all things regarding precious metal investments. The team constantly updates you on your order status while fulfilling deliveries speedily. Terence has always assisted me by giving me valuable advice on market outlook every time I am planning my next purchase.

    Aylwin Chin, March 2018
  • First and foremost, thank you Emerson for the invitation to share my 1st hand experience.

    One day my friend, my financial advisor, Mr Lee Boon Law, told me that it is good to invest in metal, he said buy gold and buy silver.. me being inexperience in this field always find that there is always something to learn from this financial advisor. I have learned other investment before but not in this area.

    So I had asked where to buy he said there are a few places and he said some where in Kelana Jaya there is one and we can explore that one first. After a telephone call for verification we went up to 5th level. The person greeted us at the door was Mr Emerson. We like the professionalism and hospitality and friendliness. We had asked questions that finally we decided to open my account with Silver Bullion.. and we start buying our silver and gold... We have collected the physical products, our first investment and Mr Emerson has further gave us education of how to look at the authenticity of the metal.. interesting. It has been fun education for me. I look forward to more investment in the future. Thank you Emerson! 



    Joan Lim, March 2018
  • Great service provide here. Knowledgeable and experienced advisor to consult customer before buying gold or silver. Customers can get good prices for gold and silver here. A comfortable environment for customers to make trade. I will recommend other friends to buy here. Silver Bullion, come on, keep it up!

    Xin Xin, February 2018
  • I am a first time buyer of Silver Bullion. This is certainly a great place to purchase investment grade silver. Professional customer service as well. 

    Cheng Chin Chuan, February 2018
  • Professional and quick deal. Highly recommended for everyone!

    Chai Zhong Han, February 2018
  • Very precise, prompt reply and absolutely keeping me, the client in touch with a systematic approach and good user experience. Even thought it is my first time purchase, it was a pleasant experience and I am waiting for the open box experience upon the goods' arrival. 

    Daniel Tsen, February 2018
  • Prompt, extremely efficient and extremely polite. Perhaps the best service one could get from an online service. Looking forward to more purchases. 

    Amrik Harnam, February 2018
  • I have dealt with Radzik from the KL office. The customer service is excellent.The way Radzik handled our deals were very professional. He understands customer needs, and I felt very comfortable dealing with him and the company as a whole. I highly recommended this company to people who want to purchase precious metals.

    Peter Chung, November 2017
    Following is my feedback on my first purchase/transaction with Silver Bullion Malaysia.

    I have been a customer of one of your competitors for 4 years now and I have always bought from them  until recently when I found Silver Bullion in PJ. It's only after talking to Silver Bullion that I started to feel better buying gold from Silver Bullion for the below reason's.

    1. First and foremost, Silver Bullion's spread is lesser than the place I usual use to buy from. Hence I'm paying lesser than what I use to pay previous. Hence Silver Bullion's price online would be the cheapest in Malaysia.

    2. Payment and collection by them is prompt. You pay Silver Bullion and you can pick up your purchase the same day, less hectic and less fuss.

    3. Last but the most important attribute of any business - Customer Centric attitude. Silver Bullion Sales Manager Emerson is very customer focused. You call/FB/whatsapp him he will instantaneously reply you and are more than willing to accommodate customer's request and are very flexible.

    In comparison to the place I usually buy from which are not totally not customer centric and rather unfriendly towards their customers unlike Silver Bullion, where  the sales manager tries to establish a contact on a personal basis. Thank you Emerson for the wonderful attitude you hold towards your customers.

    Good luck SB

    Syed Muzeeb

    Syed Muzeeb, October 2017
  • Hi,

    I have purchased several times from Silverbullion and must comment that I am very pleased with the way the team handled my order to delivery. It was done with professionalism each time. The staff who attended to me on delivery has always been accommodating and helpful. They also took the opportunity to enlighten and equip me with valuable knowledge and information related to investment in precious metal and were very patient in answering any questions that I may have.

    Keep up the good work!

    Nancy Yew

    Nancy Yew, July 2017
  • "...I am very glad to be dealing with Emerson as he has been very helpful in so many ways ;
    1. Very clear with what I want and gets to management for approvals on my special requests
    2. Efficient in closing the orders and preparing the products for delivery
    3. Good record keeping to ensure that all orders are cleared
    4. Helped on my personal quest for price comparisons
    5. Is more supportive on my requests as we have built up a relationship
    6. Good with checking the products and willing to exchange them when I was fussy I am always willing to assist Emerson in any issues and supportive of Silver Bullion Sdn Bhd. "

    Ir Anil Ramachandren, July 2017
  • "...Silver Bullion is efficient and trustworthy. Emerson and Terence always have patience in dealing with me and handling my queries on time. Every purchase is smooth and fast." 

    Michelle, June 2017
  • "...I have been a client of Silver Bullion Malaysia since early 2017. The standard of customer service outshines many other companies and institutions I have dealt with. Emerson, who manages the Kuala Lumpur office, is very warm and friendly. He is ever ready to answer questions to help deepen my knowledge of IPM. 
    I look forward to a long lasting business relationship with Silver Bullion Malaysia." 

    Mike, June 2017
  • I have been buying from Silver Bullion ever since they opened office in Kuala Lumpur. They offer one-stop services for their customers. These include buy-back, storage, authentication of bullion, home delivery and of course supply of bullion. They are good in the bullion business. I will not hesitate to recommend them to my friends any time.

    Johnson, April 2017
  • Every time it is very nice doing business with Silver Bullion. The service is fast and accurate. I had some difficulties transferring the funds initially, but Mr William was very helpful and flexible. Picking up the products is very interesting, as the people in the office are very friendly and are good for a ton of valuable information. Highly recommended.

    Nico, April 2017