Secure Notifications

Address two key issues:

  • Privacy - E-mails might not be encrypted and are stored on third party servers in various jurisdictions. Secure notifications are stored only on our servers, offering improved privacy.
  • Reliability - Overzealous spam policies can make e-mails unreliable as the sole method of communication. If you expect an answer and you do not hear from us within a business day please log into our website to check your Secure Notifications.

Start using them today:

  • Log in using the Username and Password boxes on the upper-right corner of this page.
  • Once logged in access your notifications by clicking on the "Secure Notifications" on the top right corner of the website.

Quick Guide:

Notifications are split into three panels as follows:

Screenshot of secure notifications page

Notification List (NL)

The Notification List is ordered by received date and can be:

  • Filtered by thread. A thread is a group that organizes notifications - thread "Order X" contains notifications related to Order X.
  • Filtered by unread notifications only - for easier access to unread notifications.
When messages listed are greater than ten they are grouped in "pages". Switch between pages to see earlier messages.

Each Notification will be:
  • Highlighted if selected to show in the Content Panel
  • Text is bold if unread
  • Text is Italic if you sent it (outgoing)

Content Panel (CP)

Displays the selected notification, the sender, date and time sent (Malaysia Time) and thread.

  • Click "Delete" to remove this notification from your list
  • Click "Reply" to reply to us via the Edit Panel below.

Edit Panel (EP)

Send replies as part of the selected thread or as a new notification. You can also upload PDF and images as attachements.