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Tse Lee Yuen 1 Tael Gold Round (Macau) 1 Tael Heritage Gold Round
In-Stock 1 Units
Prices from: RM 7,069.50
Tse Lee Yuen 5 Tael Gold Bar (Macau) 5 Tael Heritage Gold Bar
In-Stock 1 Units
Prices from: RM 35,019.90
Silver Malayan Tiger Coin 2018 - 1oz Highly collectible! Low Mintage, Presentation Box with numbered COA.
In-Stock 90 Units
Prices from: RM 190.00
In-Stock 8 Units
Prices from: RM 6,063.62

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Very precise, prompt reply and absolutely keeping me, the client in touch with a systematic approach and good user experience. Even though it is my first time purchase, it was a pleasant experience and I am waiting for the open box experience upon the goods' arrival. 

Daniel Tsen, February 2018

"...Every time it is very nice doing business with Silver Bullion. The service is fast and accurate. I had some difficulties transferring the funds initially, but Mr William was very helpful and flexible. Picking up the products is very interesting, as the people in the office are very friendly and are good for a ton of valuable information. Highly recommended."

Nico, April 2017